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Welcome to Bike Transplant Central

Here you will find a set of pages devoted to using bike-engines in kitcars.

We cover the possible Donors and feature several builds.

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Last Updates: 20/04/02 Marc's Pages: Yet more on that damn cooling system
14/04/02 Marc's Pages: Manifold update, DigiDash installation
9/03/02 Marc's Pages: Exhaust Manifold - a Proper One!
New links added
Added a Guestbook
17/10/01 Marc's Pages: How to get a kitcar into a Luton Van!


Marc's Pages: New radiator installation!

18/08/01 Marc's Pages:  New gearchange, differential now fitted properly, and throttle pedal modified!
05/07/01 Updated Marcs Pages with trackday review and Oil stuff
09/06/01 MOT Passed!!! and Marc's stuff updated with Spec etc
05/06/01 Re-arranged Marcs conversion diary into multiple pages
03/06/01 Some finished car pictures added.
29/05/01 Clutches and even more bodywork in Marc's section.
15/05/01 More bodywork, aeroscreens, seats and air-filters
23/04/01 Added info on bodywork, pedal box covers and airboxes.  More stuff in making your own exhaust manifold! 
15/04/01 Added yet more links (fellow bike car people)

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