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Marcs - Costs

A few people have asked me how much the conversion cost.  Although I have not watched every penny I can have a reasonable stab at costs.

First the good side:


Item Cost
XFlow Engine & all ancilliaries 900
Exhaust Manifold for Xflow/Striker 50

Oh dear... here it comes....


Area Item Cost Source Notes
Engine Engine Package 1,400 Bike Scrappie
  Engine mounting bolts 10 Bike dealer
  Voltage Regulator 30 Bike Scrappie
  Starter Relay 10 Local Bike Scrappie
  Engine mount rubbers 15 Local Car shop Approx
Xmission Reverse box 400 Eurotech
  Propshafts 164 Bailey Morris
  Prop drive plate & cog 70 DT/Fisher Approx
  Rubber mat for reverser mounting 2 Kitcar Show
  Rod ends for gear linkage 15 Rodend Specialist for two!
Cooling Aluminium extension pipes 8 Local Metal stockists Approx
  Rubber bends 10 Local Car shop Approx
  Header tank 5 Local car scrappie Astra
Inlet Air filter 35 Burtons
  Carb rubbers 10 Bike dealer Hold Air filter baseplate to carbs
Exhaust Gas, MIG wire, Brazing rods 100 Local Metal stockists Approx
  U-Clamp 3 Local Car shop
Cables Choke cable 12 Kitcar Show 3 bought till I got a good one!
  Throttle cable 6 Local Bike shop Bike cables - I bust one so this is for two
  Clutch Cable 8 Local Car shop Escort mk3 I think
Other Mods Aeroscreen - plastic and Ali surround 25 Cambridge Plastics & Local Metal stockists Plastic was 15
  Steering Rack Gaitors 6 Local Car shop
  Seat Adjustment - Ali Box 8 Local Metal stockists
Electrical Wire/crimps/sockets/sleeving/tie wraps 60 CPC and Vehicle Wiring products Rewired whole car with separate looms
  New Indicators 8 Local car scrappie For two
  Revcounter 110 Burtons Eliot Clubman
  New display bulb 2 Kitcar Show
Bodywork Paints for bonnet 50 Discount Auto Parts, Cambridge
General Metal for engine mounts, chassis mods and other brackets 100 Local Metal stockists Mild steel: strip, boxes, angle  Aluminium strip and angle
  Aluminium sheet for dash/tunnel cover etc 20 Local Metal stockists
  Leathercloth 8
  Nuts, bolts, washers 15 Total guess
Consumables Sandpaper, grinding disks, drill bits, cellulose thinners, filler, stopper, putty, engine degreasant, latex gloves, tape 60 Total guess
  Fibreglass and resin 8 Local Boatyard


So the cost of the conversion is about..... 1843

Call it 2000 and you wont be far off as I've probably forgot some bits.....





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